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“(…) there are moments in the lives of people when it is necessary to share the problems together with their complexities and burdens of the past to people who have knowledge and clear outlook on reality, people who are ready to walk bravely towards new horizons.”

Prezydent Egiptu, Anwara Sadata






and professionalism




Our law firm provides complex legal services

for business entities, condominiums, non-profit organisations and individual clients. Our attorneys represent our clients in court and administrative proceedings, as well as proceedings conducted as part of public procurement and during mediation and negotiations processes.

The attorneys working in our firm value individual approach regarding the client’s needs and solutions he is looking for. Legal services provided by our attorneys are professional, based on extensive experience and thorough knowledge. What distinguishes our law firm and allows our clients to succeed is multidimensional, out-of-the-box thinking as well as standard solutions.

Trust shown towards us, recommendations and new clients are the result of our hard work and the evidence that legal services provided by our firm are the quality which constitutes added value for the clients and contribute to their success.


"Four short words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd --'a little bit more.' They did all that was expected of them and a little bit more"

Lou Vickery

  • obsługa spółek
  • zakładanie spółek – przygotowywanie umów, analizowanie stanów i ryzyk prawnych, przygotowywanie optymalnych propozycji
  • przekształcenia podmiotów gospodarczych
  • likwidacje spółek
  • bieżąca obsługa w zakresie umów handlowych – przygotowywanie, opiniowanie, negocjowanie umów, proponowanie rozwiązań, wskazywanie ryzyk
  • bieżąca obsługa w zakresie spraw korporacyjnych – regulaminy, statuty, uchwały
  • obsługa w zakresie procesów sądowych i spraw windykacyjnych,


  • drawing up and analysis of company contracts and statutes
  • drawing up and analysis of internal regulations (supervisory board regulations, board and general meeting regulations, etc.)
  • company conversion
  • substitutionary representation before National Court Register
  • permanent corporate services (drawing up reports, resolutions, notices, etc.)
  • start-up projects support, drawing up, analysis and verification of investment contracts and shareholder agreements
  • support in drawing up and verifying contracts for management and executive staff
  • supporting projects related to increase and reduction of capital, asset write-offs
  • preparation and assistance in company liquidation
  • support and counseling for contractors in submitting proposals,
  • support and counseling for contractors in analysis of competitive proposals
  • counseling and services for contractors in the public contract award procedures
  • drawing up appeals, representing before National Appeals Chamber and legal authorities
  • support in execution of public procurement related contracts
  • drawing up and analyzing employment contracts, managerial contracts, cooperation agreements, non-compete agreements, NDAs, incentive agreements
  • support in drawing up and modifying work regulations, remuneration rules, incentive programs, Employee Benefit Fund regulations
  • supporting and assisting entrepreneurs during National Labor Inspectorate audits
  • supporting entrepreneurs in legal disputes with employees, including disputes relating to overtime, damages, reinstatement
  • support in processes related to collective redundancies and other processes related to reorganization
  • ongoing services for employment agencies,
  • support, counseling and representation in terms of employing foreigners, delegating employees to and from EU and non-EU countries,
  • legal audits for entrepreneurs in terms of risk and labor law compliance
  • drawing up documents,
  • risk analysis,
  • ongoing counseling,
  • legal audits
  • drawing up and analysis of provisions of telecommunications services
  • drawing up, analysis and audits of provisions of telecommunications services and promotions
  • legal audits in terms of abusive clauses
  • support in consumer disputes
  • pre court debt collection
  • receivables claimed in court
  • support in contacts with Office of Electronic Communications
  • support and counseling in matters related to real estate access
  • drawing up and analysis of contracts for building trade
  • support in negotiations and mediation
  • legal support during contract execution
  • claiming damages from contracts including contractual penalties
  • conducting litigation
  • legal support in complaints and warranty
  • legal support related to business activities
  • drawing up and verifying contracts related to business trading
  • drawing up and verifying regulations
  • verification and audits in terms of abusive clauses
  • support in business negotiations
  • analysis and drawing up internal documents (work regulations, statutes, incentive programs, etc.)
  • investment projects support
  • complaint support
  • court representation in legal cases including civil, criminal and administrative cases
  • debt collection
  • inhouse lawyer support
  • preparing and proceeding divorce cases
  • preparing and proceeding cases regarding granting, increasing, lowering or termination of child maintenance
  • preparing and proceeding cases regarding child custody
  • preparing and proceeding cases regarding child access
  • supporting and counseling during mediation processes
  • preparation and proceeding damage cases
  • preparation and proceeding compensation cases
  • representing clients in liquidation proceeding before insurer
  • assistance and support in negotiations and mediation processes
  • counseling and preparing inheritance proposals
  • drawing up testaments
  • company conversion
  • inheritance proceeding and inheritance division
  • assistance and support before the notary



  • drawing up and preparing statutes
  • drawing up and preparing internal documents (regulations, etc.)
  • support and ongoing counseling for associations/societies
  • supporting and assisting in liquidation of associations/societies
  • drawing up and analysis of contracts signed by associations/societies
  • drawing up and preparing statutes for associations/societies
  • drawing up and preparing internal documents (regulations, etc.)
  • support and ongoing counseling for foundations
  • preparing and assisting in liquidations of foundations
  • preparing and analysis of contracts signed by foundations



Katarzyna Leśniak

Member of Cracow Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law. In 2010 completed her legal training at Appeals Court in Cracow and then became the attorney at law. She completed her postgraduate studies in terms of public procurement at Jagellonian University. Has been providing legal services for business entities for more than 10 years. She gained her professional experience in leading law firms and in courtrooms of common courts and Supreme Court. Possesses extensive trial experience.

Her main areas of expertise are ongoing services for entrepreneurs, commercial law, especially trade contracts/agreements, consumer rights, public procurement law and telecommunications law.

Languages: Polish, English

Laureate of Forbes Professionals 2012 – Professions of Public Trust held by the prestigious Forbes magazine. The aim of the competition was to honor representatives of 5 professions of public trust: lawyers, attorneys-at-law, doctors, actors and architects, who do their jobs following professional ethos.

The competition FORBES Professionals 2012 promotes people who understand that being aware of the needs of others is beneficial for everybody. The laureates represent professions of public trust in the most meaningful way. [Jacek Pochłopień, Vice Chief Editor of FORBES].

attorney at law

Magdalena Styczeń

Member of Cracow Bar Association, in 2013 she became attorney at law. Completed her postgraduate studies in banking law organized by the National Bank of Poland and Jagiellonian University Faculty of Law and Administration.

Gained her professional experience working at local government unit and law firms.

Possesses extensive knowledge and practical skills in representing clients in proceedings before common and administrative courts as well as before public administration authorities. Professionally, she provides legals services for entrepreneurs and individual clients.

Her areas of expertise are labor law, identity protection, consumer law and family law. She excels at ongoing counseling and representing clients in terms of employing foreigners.

Languages: Polish, French, English


Barbara Różańska

trainee attorney-at-law

Faculty of Law and Administration at Jagiellonian University graduate. In 2019 completed her attorney-at-law training at Cracow Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law. The author of Disciplinary Bodies Adjudicating in First Instance on the Matters of University Teachers in Administrative and Civil Studies, edited by D. Fleszer and A. Rogacka – Łukasik, Sosnowiec 2016.
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She developed her interests and skills while working at Labor Law Section of Student Legal Center at Jagellonian University of Cracow. Gained work experienced in law firms. Possesses extensive experience in terms of civil law, especially regarding the law of contracts and agreements. Her duties include ongoing legal services for partnerships and preparation of lawsuits. Languages: Polish, English

Damian Krzykała

apprentice attorney

Graduated from Faculty of Law and Administration at Jagellonian University. Defended his MA Thesis at Civil Proceedings Center at Jagellonian University. A final-year student at Intellectual Property and New Media Law at Jagellonian University Faculty of Law and Administration. In 2020 began his attorney apprenticeship at Cracow Bar Association.
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He has been cooperating with our law firm since 2018. His main areas of professional activity are civil law, family law, civil proceedings and commercial law. Languages: Polish and English

You want with us work?

If you are interested in internships, training or cooperation with our firm, please send your application to office@klmskancelaria.pl together with the clause regarding agreement to process your personal data for the purpose of recruitment processes. Please write “Application documents” in the subject line of the email. The recruitment process is ongoing and takes place the whole year.


Quality and professionalism of services offered by the law firm are based on lawyers who are engaged and passionate about the cases they conduct and seek solutions which meet the demands and expectations of the clients.

Due to our constant development, we would like to invite talented and passionate students and trainees to cooperate with us. We expect the candidates to be analytical thinkers, come up with non-standard ideas, think outside the box and possess legal expertise. The law firm offers training, internships and employment opportunities for individuals whose knowledge and involvement stand out during practice and internship period.

Osoby zainteresowane podjęciem współpracy z Kancelarią, stażem lub praktyką proszone są o nadsyłanie aplikacji na adres office@klmskancelaria.pl z klauzulą wyrażenia zgody na przetwarzanie danych osobowych dla celów rekrutacji. W tytule korespondencji prosimy wskazać „Dokumenty aplikacyjne”. Rekrutacja jest prowadzona przez cały rok. 

„It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Nelson Mandela

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